PN264 is a system to break up time-consuming video encoding jobs into small tasks, and distribute these tasks to multiple machines for faster processing.

Jobs and Tasks

A job represents an input and an output and options that control how the output is generated from a given input. A task is a smaller type of work unit; many tasks make up a single job. Tasks are split up and sent to differerent workers for processing. The results are then returned to the origin of the task, where the results of each task in a job are recombined and become the output of that job.

Networking and Communication

PN264 uses a peer-to-peer type of networking model, without any centralized organization. PN264 operates best over a local area network, using broadcast packets to coordinate decisions between peers. Multiple peers working together form a swarm. Each peer in a swarm is equal. Work is processed by a peer on a first-come-first-serve basis. Due to the common ratio of thousands of tasks for each job, this model should work very well because, overall, work will get processed evenly.

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